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[PS5 Scene] Added support for arbitrary system calls in PS5 Payload SDK

Developer John Törnblom has released an open source SDK update for developing ELF payloads targeting PlayStation 5 consoles  using the BD-J ELF loader.


The PS5 Payload SDK includes several artifacts from the PS5SDK project , providing developers with up-to-date tools to build and test payloads on leveraged PS5 consoles.


The SDK provides an optimized development environment for building custom applications and features for PlayStation 5 consoles , allowing developers to take full advantage of the platform’s potential.

In the latest update sent by developer John Tornblom on the advice of developer Sleirsgoevy , support for arbitrary system calls was introduced, allowing developers to execute custom system calls in their applications.

This further expands the development possibilities and offers more flexibility in controlling the PlayStation 5 system . Among other things, support for PIE (Position Independent Executable) has also recently been added, which allows relocation of ELF files.

This support allows developers to create location-independent ELF files, simplifying the process of developing and deploying PS5 applications.

Currently, PS5 Payload SDK , makes use of the BD-JB exploit chain. These exploits exploit vulnerabilities in the Blu-Ray layer of consoles, allowing for the execution of unsigned code.

However, it is important to note that the BD-JB exploit is not compatible with PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles .

The sample ELF file included in the SDK prints “Hello World” on the screen. This file has been provided as an example to illustrate how the SDK works and demonstrate how to run a basic payload on the PlayStation 5 console.

When run on the console, the ELF file will display the phrase “Hello World” as output to the screen. This example can be used as a starting point for developing more complex and customized payloads.

Download: arbitrary_syscall.elf

Download: Source code PS5 Payload SDK

Source: wololo.net

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