Switch News: Atmosphère CFW now supports Mariko (Switch v2 & Lite) consoles thanks to newly-released update!

For months, hacked Switch Lite & Switch v2 console have been only able to run SX OS but with the latest release of Atmosphère, that’s just changed! In this article, we’re going to look at the release of Atmosphère 0.17.0 and what support for these devices means.

What is Atmosphère?

Switch News: Atmosphère CFW now supports Mariko (Switch v2 & Lite) consoles thanks to newly-released update!

With ReiNX out of the competition for a while and SX OS taking a back seat, Atmosphere has become the go-to Switch CFW

Atmosphère is a CFW for the Nintendo Switch mainly developed by SciresM, with the help of various others such as TuxSH, that has effectively cemented its place as the go-to CFW for Nintendo Switch consoles. Like CFWs for other consoles, Atmosphère allows you to do the usual stuff such as running homebrew, installing themes, using custom sysmodules and much more. It also comes with some more ‘advanced’ features such as emuMMC allowing you to install the CFW to a Horizon OS instance on a microSD card and Daybreak allowing for easy firmware updates without requiring an internet connection.

Other than coming with all the features that most folks need, Atmosphère is open-source and actively supported by its developers which has resulted in the constant addition of new features and compatibility with the latest firmwares. Thanks to this and vast community support in homebrew & sysmodules, this CFW’s place as a de facto CFW for the Switch console has been cemented and for good reason.

What does Atmosphère 0.17.0 bring to the table?

Atmosphere 0.17.0 has been released with Mariko support (Tweet)

As the title suggests, Atmosphère 0.17.0 is a somewhat significant update as it brings along:

  • Support for Mariko consoles thanks to major updates to Fusée (first-stage loader)
    • Mariko consoles encompass the Switch Lite and Switch v2 consoles that have been on the market ever since mid-2019
    • In order to use Atmosphère on such consoles, one needs to have hacked them using the ill-fated SX Core or SX Lite as no software exploits exist for them. Perhaps other modchips will be made available in the future seeing how Atmosphère is now supported on such consoles and doesn’t require a license to use unlike SX OS
  • Mesosphère, which is a Horizon OS kernel re-implementation by SciresM, is now opt-out meaning that it is enabled by default
  • Shutdown functionality on Erista (Switch v1) hardware has been improved as booting into OFW after shutting down from Atmosphère without performing a reboot no longer causes a black screen
    • Power drain when the system is shut off has also been improved as shutting down from Atmosphère now drains battery at the same reduced rate as OFW

  • Some minor updates to the ‘sm’ sysmodule and Mesosphère together with fixes relating to building the CFW yourself


You may grab Atmosphère 0.17.0 by following the download link below to its GitHub Release Page. As mentioned above, Atmosphère requires the usage of a hard-mod through SX Core or SX Lite to be used on Mariko hardware for the time-being so Atmosphère 0.17.0 does not magically make all Switch consoles hackable from software!

Atmosphère 0.17.0 GitHub Release Page: https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases

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