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Switch: SXOS license hacked

Developer Reacher17, over at GBATemp, has released a script that lets you create a valid license for SXOS, allowing you to use the infamous Custom Firmware for free on your Nintendo Switch.

SXOS is the custom firmware that ships with Team Xecuter’s SX mod chips for the Switch. Allegedly, SXOS reuses a lot of tools and code readily available in other solutions such as Atmosphere (an open source, and free Custom Firmware for the Switch), but it appears some users appreciate SXOS’s exclusive features such as the possibility to mount XCI games without having to install them.

Team Xecuter’s most prominent members have been arrested late last year, and no update has been made on their software or their site since. So, in essence, SXOS is pretty much dead.

Nonetheless, whatever your reasons, you might want to give the infamous CFW a try now that it’s been hacked. You will still, of course, need a hacked Switch in order to run the software. Either one of the earlier models, or a recent console with one of the SX mod chips (in which case, theoretically, you already have a valid license to use their custom firmware anyway…)

How to use

(for more details check out this post by mrdude)

**SXOS currently only supports Switch firmware up to 11.0.0** – any newer firmware will fail, you can downgrade using AtmosphereNX and then create an emunand running 11.0.0 firmware for use with SXOS.

1: Copy an untouched clean SXOS 3.10 boot.dat to your sd card root directory and Use SXOS payload to launch it.
2: Launch SXOS – and if you don’t have license-request.dat – this will be created on the root of your micro sd card.
3: Copy license-request.dat from your switch to the extracted folder you download from this post.
4: Copy a clean SXOS 3.10 boot.dat to the folder and rename it to boot.dat.orig (this will keep it from being modified).
5: Click SXOS-GFX.exe – this will create a new folder called out that will contain some bin files which a created from the themes folder (you can remove this be clicking on SXOS-GFX.exe again)
6: If you have python 3.9 installed – run SX_License_Hack.py and boot.dat and license.dat should be created.
7: Copy the newly created boot.dat and license.dat to the root of your micro sd card.
8: Use SXOS payload to launch.



**note – SXOS extra hekate icon can be modded at line 310 (BL.write(b’argon/payloads/hekate.bin’) to launch any payload you want, just change the path to the payload you with to launch, line 314 contains the name for that icon – once again change this to what you want.**

Also autoboot code was commented out – you can re-enable this again in the script if you want to show the SXOS options during boot – or just press the volume + button to bring up the options menu.


Source and download: GBATemp. Thanks to CJ for the tip!

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