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PS Vita: KyuHEN Homebrew contest winners announced

The judges of the KyûHEN homebrew contest have finally announced their results today. The top 3 homebrews of each of the 4 categories will be getting a cash prize. Although the organizers have not explained precisely how the cash will be divided, the creators of these 12 homebrew will get a share of the $1800+ awarded for this competition, and should expect to be contacted in the days to come by the organizers.

The cash prizes for the KyuHEN contest came from the donations of prominent scene websites (including wololo.netpsx-placeplaystationhax, and custom-protocol) as well as many members of the scene!

Overall I can say this has been a very successful competition ! Thanks to all the participants and the organizers (Samilop “Cimmerian” Iter, 2OldForGaming, Frangarcj) for letting the PS Vita scene strive!

KyuHEN PS Vita Homebrew Competition Winners and downloads

You can download each game from its link below. Remember that you’ll need a hacked Vita in order to run homebrew games and utilities.

Game 1 (Original Game using an existing engine, e.g. Unity)

  1. Brain Splitter by Lapy (vertical scrolling shoot’em up)
  2. Rolly Polly by Spartanfox (Marble Madness game with mario galaxy style gravity)
  3. Thrust Shot by VitaHEX (online multiplayer third person shooter)

Game 2 (Original Game using creator’s own engine)

  1. Treasure Chasers by Crait (pirate-themed game with procedurally-generated islands)
  2. Happy Blocks by HisArmMan (action puzzle game)
  3. Guess It by Howling wolf and Chelsea Software (multiplayer image guessing game)


  1. Crashlands by m1s3ry (open world survival craft)
  2. Vanilla Conquer by Northfear (Command and Conquer RTS port)
  3. INK by M1s3ry (Puzzle Platformer)


  1. Vita Recorder By Rinnegatamante (record your PS Vita screen in a video)
  2. Walk by Pathway27 (plugin to read a txt file walkthrough while playing a game)
  3. Vita homebrew Sorter by Joel16 (app to sort the application database in your LiveArea)

Full list of rankings, downloads, as well as more details for each entry, at the source link below.

Source: KyûHEN

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