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Details on upcoming PS4 HDMI Patch (video)

Console repair professional and Youtuber Andrew Paul has shared details of his upcoming PS4 HDMI Patch, a modchip pcb that could help a lot of us.

Disclaimer: we have absolutely no affiliation to Andrew Paul, I just felt the device was cool and needed some visibility! His entire Youtube channel is a great source of info for hardware repairs so check it out (link at the end of the article)

HDMI port damage on the PS4 is one of the main reasons the console can “stop” working, and Andrew’s upcoming device is going to make those repairs much more easier from now on. Video below.

What is the PS4 HDMI Patch?

From Andrew Paul:

If you have a board where the HDMI header has been badly damaged, rather than having to manually re-wire the port with small gauge wire, you can place this into position, bridge solder to the neighbouring components where the solder pads are located and then install your new HDMI port exactly the same as you would if the board was undamaged. It’s a great time-saver and it’s proven itself to be a reliable repair out in the field over the last year.

Broken PS4 HMDI port: a very common issue

In other words, if you damaged your PS4 HDMI port, repairing your console will now become much more easier. This first version of the modchip is compatible with original SAA/SAB-001 motherboards, which means a subset of PS4 Fat models. I’m pretty sure if the device is successful that he will provide versions for other PS4 models.

Andrew recently appeared on The youtuber Fixers, where he showcases the installation of the device on a broken PS4 HDMI port (from 1:00 to about 9:00)

Soldering the HDMI patch on the PS4 motherboard

How much will the PS4 HDMI patch cost?



Andrew has announced on his youtube channel that these will go for 5.99 pounds in the UK, so somewhere between $8 and $10. For people outside of the UK, there will be additional shipping costs.


£5.99 which includes shipping to a UK Mainland address. We can ship worldwide for just a couple of extra pounds. If you’re a business and would like to discuss larger quantities and pricing etc then feel free to drop me an email at the email address at the top of this video description. Thank you all!

The PS4 HDMI patch installed on a PS4 motherboard. Good as new!

The device will be available for purchase at https://ytandrewpaul.co.uk/ , which is not live at the time of writing but should be by the end of the week.

Source: Andrew Paul

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