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jfduke3d-vita + jfsw-vita + vitaRTCW released + Doom3 Port in the works

Following the KYUHEN Homebrew Contest, the PS Vita platform has been getting some new homebrew updates and ports from a familiar developer to all in the PS Vita community. Developer @Rinnegatamante recently provided updates to VitaQuakeIII (v1.0)re3-gta (v1.4) and VitaVoyager (v0.8) Following those updates another project seen an update with the release of VitaRTCW (v0.4) here in the psx-place forum’s,.

Now comes the introduction of a few new projects, some have been released already here in the psx-place.com forums,1st up we have fsw-vita – Port of Shadow Warrior Classic and then today we seen the release of jfduke3d-vita iport of jfduke3d (JonoF’s Duke 3D).

If that was not enough from the developer, @Rinnegatamante has something cooking else cooking in the lab that is exciting. We could be able to play Doom3 on your PS Vita as we have been shown some progress via the developer’s twitter. Take a look at this thread for some shared details on what could be one of the next port’s in the vita library that continues to grow with great content .


11.png 22.png


  • New Port

    jfduke3d-vita is a port of jfduke3d (JonoF’s Duke 3D), a popular multi-platform source port of Duke Nukem 3D.

    It supports both shareware and full game data files as well as the full game of NAM. The shareware files of Duke Nukem 3D are included in the data files.

    This port implements both classic 8 bit renderer and the new 32 bit Polymost renderer with hardware acceleration through vitaGL.

Release Page’s ( Contains Setup Installation details / Download Links / … )


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