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[PS4 Scene] GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.0.2 Released

Published a new update for GoldHEN Cheats Manager , the tool developed by the developer Bucanero , as well as allowing us to select tricks to cheat on the games of the PlayStation 4 console , it allows us to directly apply the patches created by the developer illusion0001 .

GoldHEN Cheats Manager proves similar in some ways to Artemis on PS3. No special setup is required, just download the PKG file and install it on your PlayStation 4 console . On first launch, the application will automatically detect and configure all required settings.



  • Move and to select the cheat file you want to view and press the button . The cheat list screen will show the cheats available for the game.
  • To view the article details, press . The context menu will open on the screen. Press the button to return to the list.
  • To reload the list, press .
  • Press the activation buttons or to move pages up or down.

Online databases

The application also provides direct access to the Online Cheat database , GoldHEN’s official cheat repository for PlayStation 4 games.



  • Order game settings:
    • By name, by TitleID.
  • Offline installation for patches:
    • Download the patch1.zip archive .
    • Copy the archive patch1.zipinside the USB drive (do not rename it).
    • Open GoldHEN Cheat Manager and click Update.
    • If the patches are successfully installed from USB, you should see the following message:

  • Cheats update will now show the cheat database version.


  • Improved UI controls.
  • Patches will now be downloaded from the GitHub repository instead of GitHub Pages (GitHub Pages will be disabled soon).


  • Includes the latest official cheat+patch pack (2022-12-24).

Download: GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.0.2

Download: Source code GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.0.2

Source: twitter.com

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