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KyûHEN Vita Homebrew contest announcement, $455 in cash prizes

KyûHEN PS Vita homebrew contest has started, submit your entries until May 27th

Developers get ready: a new PS Vita Homebrew contest has just launched! KyûHEN (that’s the name) has officially begun, and you have until May 27th to send your entries. If you have what it takes to create homebrew games, or utility/plugins, this contest is for you. Your entry can be created using your own engine from scratch, or existing SDKs such as Unity or GameMaker. There’s also a category for porting an existing game.

From the organizers:

Through this contest we want to promote creativity and originality with Game One and Game Two. We joined forces with a professional in that field who publish games for PSVita in order to also help amateur developers to grow up and improve their skills with critics from an expert in that field. In the past (PSP era mostly, alongside PS3 era), the hacking community was at its peak with an active community. Forums and legends from the scene (DarK Alex, or geohot to name a few) fueled us with magic on our hands and raised a large interest into hacking their Sony devices.

As time goes further, with devices like PS4 and PS5 and the security being tougher and tougher, the hacking community activity decreased with the loss of important websites like qj.net or PSPGen. This contest, with the involvement of Wololo, PSX-Place and PlayStationHaX is the occasion to light up that lost fire in our community and hopefully raise the interest about hacking their device again.

KyûHEN PS Vita homebrew contest Categories

No matter what your skills/interests are, if you’re a homebrew dev there should be a category for you. The KyûHEN contest has specifically 4 categories:

  • Game category 1: Create a game with an existing engine of your choice, e.g. GameMaker or Unity.
  • Game Category 2: Create a game with your own engine and compiled with vitaSDK or dolceSDK.
  • Utility: Create a homebrew or a plugin.
  • Port: Port an application or a game from another system, or an emulator.

KyûHEN PS Vita homebrew contest: $455 in cash prizes

There is a total of $455 in cash prizes for now, split among the 4 categories (check the contest website for specific details). More prizes might come if other people want to sponsor the contest (their site provides a link to their ko-fi page where people who want to donate can do so).

Disclaimer on accountability: Large homebrew contests with big cash prizes like this one are always a bit tricky to organize. I am myself a sponsor of the event. I am not directly one of the organizers, but can vouch for their seriousness so far in making sure this thing will happen as smoothly as possible. For those looking for additional credibility, in particular it is worth mentioning that frangarcj (the man behind retroarch on the vita, as well as one of the maintainers of the unofficial Vita SDK) is one of the organizers. And in addition to wololo.net, a bunch of other reputable scene sites (playstationhax, Custom Protocol, psx-place) are among the sponsors.



So get your favorite text/code editor ready, make sure to grab the contest’s splash screen to include in your Homebrew, and go check their website for the full rules and the judging process. Good luck to everyone!

Source: KyûHEN

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